My Idea of Heaven: Ovarium Spa

Ovarium Spa

Wow – What a mind-blowing experience! For some time, I have received Massage Therapy at the  Ovarium Spa and have found it very beneficial. The therapists are all certified, experienced and extremely busy. The spa has been in Montréal for thirty years, the last twelve at St-Denis & Beaubien in Rosemont. I couldn’t wait to try the other incredible treatments offered, after hearing about them from Anne, my massage therapist. I had such a great time that if you can’t actually take a vacation, I highly recommend coming here to get away!  The combination of a massage and one or more of these advanced therapies is my idea of Heaven.

Massage Therapy – 2nd Floor
Massage Therapy Room

From the moment you enter this historic building to the moment you leave, it is a progressively relaxing journey.  In a former two-storey bank, the ceilings are high and there are soothing images and décor everywhere. I waited in the main lounge area for someone to come and get me, while rocking in a comfy chair. The New Age music by Vangelis surrounded me and I helped myself to a complementary cup of tea.

Waiting Lounge at Ovarium Spa
Calming Décor
Zen Décor at Ovarium Spa

This is where the cutting edge of technology melds with the mind to induce the calmest atmosphere possible. The massage therapists all use ipads to record your medical history with an application created by the Ovarium Spa, and there is state-of-the-art stereo equipment everywhere! The time spent here will be the purest integrated relaxation you can get for your time and your money. I was led into the old bank vault, still intact, to a dimly lit cubicle where the amazing Neurospa awaited…

Old Bank Vault – Still Intact!
On My Way to Neurospa Treatment

High-Tech Sound