Confessions of a Cosmetics Junkie

You! Put down the Dior lipstick and walk away. Take a few deep breaths and exit the department store.

Are you a Cosmetics Junkie? If you look in your makeup drawer, do you have seven or more different brands of lipstick exactly the same shade? If the answer is yes, you are an addict! many choices...

Before you go out and buy that attractive item that you just saw in a magazine, think about your needs. Always check your own makeup bag first. If the object of your desire fills a need which isn’t already covered or it claims to do something new for you – go for it! If the nice shiny tube is actually what you want, then buy it by all means. However, why not try it in a different shade than those you already own?

About ten years ago, my fiancé pointed out to me that I already had several purple eye shadows similar to the one I was about to buy. I had always loved makeup and my addiction was so bad that I could not walk into a store without having a list of current “it” products with me. The names alone made me believe, as they were meant to, that my lips would look better, plumper and more kissable immediately.

Purple Eye Shadow Collection

The eye shadows would make my eyes sparkle like never before and the foundations and concealers would make my skin miraculously look ten years younger and utterly flawless!

The ads were doing exactly what they were supposed to do – sending me right out to buy the latest and most improved version of what I already had.

When it got to the point where I could no longer fit my makeup into the drawers in my bathroom, I stopped and took stock. My fiancé, now my husband, was a makeup artist in the Film industry and he gave me a ton of professional brushes and makeup not commercially available. Needless to say this made my collection even bigger! One thing for which I will always be grateful to him is showing me the practicality of certain techniques – thank g-d for blending! Once I started to mix eye shadows, lipsticks, lip liners, and even blush colors to achieve that perfect shade, there was no turning back for me. I had to face how much money I had spent on my habit. At $30 – $50 for some of the higher end designer brands – well, you can figure it out. It had to stop!

I went through everything I owned and purged a lot of it, keeping only basic colors – my favorites of each of course. This process really helped me to realize what my favorites were, which brushes worked best (let’s face it – none of us personally needs ten “#  7” brushes by Ben Nye or MAC ) and ended up trashing a lot of expired product. Being able to create a lighter or darker shade with fewer casings was a blessing – I finally knew exactly what I had in my repertoire!

The eye shadow palette/ your friend!

Another thing that I found very helpful was making up palettes, just like makeup artists do. Having all your fave eye colors in one readily available palette to mix together and have fun with is one great step to getting over your addiction! Stay tuned for more tips on how to try and control those urges and be strong!!

Very Berry... Don't you think?

I am clearly still working on it!


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A MUST READ for all you ladies that re addicted to makeup! I’m sure you can relate to this article… Bravo shopgirlmtl for bringing out the truth… At least part of it!


All of us cosmetic junkies can certainly relate!
And although we should play, be creative and try to find new shades or new ways to wear them, it’s normal that most of your makeup consist of berry colors, because it’s the palette that suits you the best! It’s actually a good sign: it means you know what suits you or that you found good beauty advisors! Hopefully both! 😉
I totally agree that make-up brushes are important, they are necessary tools and unless you’re a make-up artist, you don’t need that many brushes to create a perfect look. A good makeup artist should show you the proper personnalized techniques according to your morphology and how to choose and use your brushes.
Good job, Nicole! :)

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